After playing high-intensity sports for a long time, many people experience bloody urination, a lot of confusion and anxiety.

If a sportsperson urinates blood, a urine sample should be taken in the next 72 hours for testing.

After 72 hours, if the urine returns to normal, hematuria due to intense exercise can be concluded.

If hematuria continues after 72 hours, tests such as ultrasound, X-ray, CT tomography, magnetic resonance MRI, and endoscopy should be performed to find the cause and promptly treat it.

Experts noted that bloody urine when playing sports is usually not dangerous, the condition will go away on its own and does not require special treatment intervention.

However, to avoid this happening, sports players should make sure to drink adequate water and have the appropriate intensity of exercise.

Motor hematuria is often easily confused due to clinical symptoms similar to other diseases such as kidney stones, tuberculosis, nephritis or previous kidney diseases, kidney tumors …

Therefore, when there are symptoms of hematuria and after 72 hours of monitoring do not return to normal, patients should visit a specialist to be examined, diagnosed and have an appropriate treatment regimen, avoiding serious complications later.