Fans have a serious concern for Britney Spears. Her latest photo is causing controversy again

The post raised many questions from her followers and divided them into two halves.

Some are excited because the singer’s body is really perfect and she has a beautiful figure.

But the others wonder if Britney is mentally well and if it would be appropriate to seek professional help.

Naked Britney Spears is back. After the wedding and two weeks of honeymoon, the singer has returned to her home and is enjoying the hot summer.

She likes to spend it in the pool, which she has now shown to the fans. And a swimsuit?

She posted two photos on Instagram in which she swims completely naked under water.

In one of the photos, Britney is shooting her belly up, while in the other, she is pushing her ass out on camera.

She covered her intimate parts and nipples with only small dots, she crossed out the background with a cross.

“You have to swim… You have to swim…”

she commented on the photos, apparently in reference to dora’s famous line from the cartoon Finding Nemo.