Zinedine Zidane broke the silence: why did he leave PSG as coach and what is the dream he pursues?

The dream that the Qatari leaders had to sign Zinedine Zidane is beginning to vanish.

The former Real Madrid coach would not accept PSG’s offer to be the team’s manager and would not manage Lionel Messi.

The French idol was one of the candidates to replace Mauricio Pochettino, in case the Argentine coach does not finally continue in his position.

In a wave of versions about the possible departure of the Argentine coach, the European press surprised with Zidane’s refusal, since his goal would be to replace Didier Deschamps in the France national team when the Qatar 2022 World Cup ends.

The media that released the information also indicated that in Zidane’s mind would be the desire to lead PSG, but that would be in the future.

Now, the new one designated by the PSG leadership would be Christopher Galtier, the current technical director of Nice.

Zidane’s true dream of returning to direct amid the news about his fate, the Frenchman said:

“I still have the illusion of training. If I can contribute things even as a coach? Yes, many, or I think some. I want to continue because I still have that illusion.

It’s my passion,” he replied in an interview with the media.

On his success at Real Madrid, where he won three Champions Leagues in a row: “We worked hard, we had incredible players, and a team that followed me.

I was responsible for a lot of things, but I had a great team to back me up. It just wouldn’t have been possible.

I need to surround myself with people I feel comfortable with.

If not, it can’t work. I’m 50 years old, I’m satisfied, I’m happy, it’s the most important thing,” Zidane concluded.