The 17-year-old boy, who discovered kidney failure two years ago, was operated on by doctors at United Hospital to transplant a kidney from his donor father.

Kidney transplantation is an effective, high-quality, low-cost treatment compared to methods such as hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis for patients with end-stage chronic renal failure.

Many people after a kidney transplant go to school, work normally, get married, have healthy children, which other methods are difficult to do.

According to medical experts, in many countries, donations from the brain dead account for nearly half, helping many patients get the source of organs for transplant.

The source of donated kidneys in many country is mainly a living donor, leaving many patients without access.

Developing the source of organs to donate the dead is a model of organ transplant associations in the world.

The above case who received a kidney transplant surgery after two years of waiting because of the Covid-19 outbreak.