Worms in the abdomen of newborn babies caused by feeding milk mixed with river water

Parents should pay attention when taking care of children, feeding cooked, drinking cooked, washing hands when preparing food, cleaning … to ensure that the child does not become infected with bacteria, parasites.

Family members mixed milk with river water settled alum, which was not boiled, causing the three-month-old girl to have a heavy gastrointestinal hemorrhage, worms nesting in the duodenum.

Experts said that the baby entered the hospital in a state of shock, rapid pulse, difficult to measure blood pressure, blue skin, pale from blood loss.

The Hct index (the ratio of red blood cell volume to total blood volume) is only 14%, while normal at this age 28-32%.

The doctor diagnoses gastrointestinal bleeding, enteritis, sepsis, for infusions, transfusions and blood preparations.