Why does Marilyn Monroe still haunt the audience?

Why has more than half a century passed, the vanity life and mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe at the age of 36 still constantly causing Hollywood to find a way to decipher?

Why has this blonde peach never ceased to captivate and fascinate the public?

While there have been quite a few biopics and documentaries about Marilyn Monroe, none seem to have touched marilyn monroe’s persona, both in terms of mystical charm, vanity and vulnerability to the bitter personal life of this 20th-century sex symbol.

Blonde with a possibly controversial perspective

However, in the upcoming Blonde movie, Marilyn Monroe’s portrait promises to bring many possible controversial perspectives.

The nearly 3-hour film will compete for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in early September, before being streamed in late September and officially ranked NC-17, which has many sensitive scenes.

What audiences are most interested in is whether Blonde will be a biopic or a work of fiction about Marilyn Monroe?

Joyce Carol Oates, a well-known American writer who has been on the list of nobel laureates for many years and is the author of a 700-page bestselling book of the same name, thinks her novel is fiction.

In his novel, the writer also focuses on the controversial idea that Monroe’s death was due to assassination.