When children are hospitalized for accidents during the summer holidays.

Many children were hospitalized in which 70% of children had accidents between the ages of 1-3 years old.

In the family, adult medicine cabinets, children must leave their own box with a lock.

In addition, the family needs to keep the drug out of reach of children, absolutely do not contain the drug in candy containers, soft drink bottles, syrups,…

Since the Paediatrics department and the emergency department of the hospital received many cases of children visiting and being hospitalized due to accidents during the summer holidays.

In particular, 70% of children aged 1-3 years have accidents at home such as airway foreign objects, gastrointestinal foreign objects, burns, taking the wrong medication, chemicals, injuries …

Recently, the Paediatrics Department, receiving treatment for a 14 months old who was taken by his mother to be examined by his Doctor because of swelling of his left hand.

The parents shared that the child fell from the bed to the ground with a height of 60 cm.

After falling, the baby’s hands swelled, the baby was constantly crying so he was taken to the doctor by his family.

The child was examined by X-rays, which resulted in a broken arm, requiring screw surgery.

In another case, 2-year-old was taken by his mother to see him.

Paediatrics Department because of chest pain, then 10 minutes later the baby complains of pain in the abdomen.

The doctor speculated that the baby may have swallowed foreign objects, foreign objects that are moving in the gastrointestinal tract from the top to the stomach.

The boy was examined and found to have a foreign object that was about 2 cm long in the duodenum.

Her mother said she had a habit of biting straws at home and suspected it was a plastic straw.