Transfusion of 7 liters of blood helps a critical pregnant woman escape death

During about two hours of surgery, Ms. was given a total of 7 liters of blood and plasma, fortunately escaping death without having to have a hysterectomy.

After the operation, Ms. was awake and able to talk. She lay in intensive care for about a week, lost milk, and was unable to breastfeed because of anemia.

Up to now, Ms. has been discharged from the hospital and re-examined after 10 days.

Ms, 40, thought she would soon pass safely to hug her youngest daughter, but due to the situation of comb teeth, she fell into critical condition, having to receive 7 liters of blood transfusion.

She woke up at the postoperative room of French Hospital at 3pm on 18/7.

Her body was very tired, around the doctors and nurses were hustling to resuscitate.

Due to blood loss and the operation lasted nearly two hours, the venes were recessed, causing doctors to have to remove the veneer several times.