3 things people with high blood pressure shouldn’t do when they wake up

Morning exercise is the way to preserve the health of many middle-aged and elderly people.

However, it is also necessary to get up early to exercise, not to be active, especially in the hot summer, should not allow yourself to be overactive.

Strenuous exercise can lead to faster heart palpitations, increased cardiomyopathy, and even higher blood pressure can lead to serious complications such as brain hemorrhage or acute left heart failure.

Therefore, patients with high blood pressure should regularly exercise, exercise properly, avoid exertion, avoid exertion, take blood pressure lowering drugs on time to control blood pressure within the appropriate threshold, avoid complications.

High blood pressure is the most common chronic disease and the main risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, stroke.

People with high blood pressure should note not to do the following 3 things as soon as they wake up lest it adversely affect health.