The ‘wings’ of the Chinese space station’s solar cells move

The battery system with a total length of more than 55 m of the Qiantian module can change in the direction of the Sun as the Tiangong station moves.

The Tiangong Space Station installed the Qiantian module in July, along with giant “wings” that help absorb solar energy when the station orbits the Earth.

In a new video released by the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA), the wings revolve around the Tiangong station with the blue planet underneath, Space reported on Aug. 13.

The solar panel system is part of the Qiantian laboratory module. The angle of the panels can be changed to match the direction of the sun as the Tiangong station moves in orbit.

Each solar cell wing of Qiantian is about 30 meters long, giving a total wingspan of more than 55 meters. Each row of batteries has a collection area of about 110 m2.