According to experts, the main method of treating heat stroke is to cool the body as soon as possible.

You can use a fan to blow air on wet skin, pour cold water on people, or put people with heat stroke in an ice bath.

People with heat stroke do not work too much and need breaks when working in a hot, humid environment.

Wear loose, light clothing, do not wear too many layers, add a lot of water.

To cool down your body, you can spray cool water on your body and then sit in front of a fan.

Move into the shade, enter an air-conditioned building or car, or take off the clothes you’re wearing.

Put a cold bag or cool cloth on the neck, armpits and groin.

Besides, people should limit going outdoors for a period of 11-16h.

Do not work for too long outside in the sun or in hot environments.

Regularly rest in a cool place after about an hour’s work. Cover with a shirt, hat, glasses,… to protect the skin when moving outdoors.

Use the air conditioner properly, absolutely do not leave below 26-28 degrees Celsius.