Loss of 8 kg, detection of kidney tumors up to 6 cm

It is worth noting that at an early stage, renal tumors usually have no pronounced symptoms, which are difficult to recognize with the naked eye but are easily detected through ultrasound images.

In case the patient feels that the abdomen is abnormally enlarged, at this time, the disease has progressed to a late stage, the tumor is overgrown.

If not treated in time, the tumor will get bigger and larger, squeeze or metastasize to the organs around the kidneys and even rupture, threatening the patient’s life.

Therefore, the doctor suggests that the patient should go to the hospital to be examined as soon as the body appears abnormal signs and do not forget about regular health check-ups, perform basic tests.

This habit not only helps to detect kidney tumors, but also early recognition of other pathologies, thereby having timely treatment methods, preventing complications.

Unexplained weight loss, after testing the patient detected kidney tumors up to 6 cm in size, which had invaded other organs in the body.