Instrument successfully creates oxygen gas on Mars

NASA’s Moxie instrument successfully creates oxygen gas on Mars

Moxie has proven that it can produce oxygen at almost any time of day and year on Mars.

Michael Hecht, principal investigator of the Moxie mission at MIT’s Haystack Observatory, said:

“We just haven’t demonstrated the device’s ability to generate oxygen at dawn or dusk, when temperatures change dramatically.”

If the system can operate successfully, whether in constant on and off conditions, a full-scale system designed to run continuously will be able to run for thousands of hours.

“To support a human mission to Mars, we have to bring a lot of things from Earth, like computers, astronaut clothing, and habitat,” Hoffman said.

But oxygen? If you can produce oxygen here (Mars) then give it a try and you’ll be ahead of the game. “

A device the size of an office lunchbox has succeeded in generating oxygen that can be used to breathe on Mars. Basically, it performed the role of a small tree.