From back pain to muscle paralysis due to spinal tumors

Avoid a long illness that can cause damage to motor function (weakness of limbs, muscle atrophy, urination disorders), the treatment process will take a lot of time and the recovery rate is lower.

Like the above patient, if the diagnosis and treatment of spinal cord tumors later can lead to irreversible quadriplegia complications or respiratory disorders… due to the tumor pressing on the spinal canal.

The 32-year-old suffered from prolonged back pain, thought muscle pain should be treated for pain relief, then his left leg became paralyzed, and his right leg weakened.

On August 8, experts, head of Craniofacial Spine 2 Department, Trans-Asia General Hospital, said that about a week before admission, the patient had more back pain, numbness gradually from the navel to the legs.

The legs weakened, it was difficult to walk, then the left leg was completely paralyzed, the strength of the right leg muscles was only 1/5, difficulty urinating.