Fatigue for unknown reasons

According to WebMD, when the body appears tense, sick, unexplained cause of your possible lack of vitamin D.

The body makes vitamin D when the skin is exposed to the sun.

Some basic ways to boost vitamin D like sunbathing. The ideal sunbathing time is before 8 a.m., around 4-5 p.m., each sunbathing lasts from 15-20 minutes.

Each person should eat seafood, including fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, shrimp.

Dry mouth

This condition can make the gums, lips, inside the cheeks, palate feel like burned.

The mouth may be dry or numb. One of the causes of this condition is a deficiency of B vitamins, folate, thiamin and B6.

To enhance B6 in the diet, each person should eat a lot of bananas, beans, spinach, cereals …

Hair loss

Losing about 100 hairs a day is normal. However, if you notice a lot of hair falling on a pillow or in the bathroom, you may be deficient in iron.

This is the most common nutrient deficiency. Your doctor may do a quick blood test to check your health, then advise on proper nutrition.

You should eat more iron-rich foods such as lean beef, poultry, spinach, beans, beans, cashews, beans.