After the age of 45, you need to quit 4 bad habits

After the age of 45, you need to quit 4 bad habits to live longer.

Anger is a very bad emotion, often angry easily causes the sympathetic nerve to fall into a state of euphoria, increase the secretion of adrenalin, increase heart rate, blood pressure increase suddenly, increase the risk of vascular disease.

Controlling your emotions, trying to avoid unpleasant things in life, listening to soothing music more often, and going out for a walk is more beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Letting go of anger also helps to strengthen physical fitness and prevent disease.

After the age of 45, the body is susceptible to high disease, you have to adjust the balance of your diet and work habits, rest, learn how to relieve stress, regulate mood, help the body stay healthy and young longer.

After the age of 45, the various functions of the body begin to decline gradually, some organs and tissues will also enter an aging state, easily increasing the likelihood of disease.

At this stage, we need to give up 4 bad habits to be good for our health.