A model’s journey to transform a man into a woman

Currently, Chloe has built his own career. But speaking of children, she relented.

She regretted not experiencing pregnancy, morning sickness, labor pain like a normal woman.

As for the dream of a small home, she said it was a predestination, she would receive it.

Chloe’s greatest desire was that the Transgender Law was soon enacted in many conutry. At this time, she was recognized as female on paper.

Not sure if it was due to too little physical or anesthesia, Chloe suddenly woke up on the genital surgery table, clearly hearing the sound of cutlery colliding and the sound of the doctor discussing.

Chloe – model, stage name – said she remembers feeling her whole body trembling when she suddenly woke up during genital repair surgery – she likened to “arguing with the midwife”.

“I was scared because I could hear voices around me and was aware of the situation but couldn’t move my body,” Chloe said.

At the time, she was having her penis removed and her genitals removed by a surgeon.

This is a very important surgery in the process of transitioning from male to female gender.