Tourist dies while playing roller coaster

When The Hot Ride passes a bend at a height of 8 meters, the female passenger slips from her seat and falls.

On August 9, the Klotti amusement park, in the town of Klotten and near the Mosel River, in the west of the country, reopened.

Recreational activities continue, following a three-day closure to investigate the death of a female roller coaster.

This is a popular entertainment spot in Germany.

The incident occurred in early August, the victim was a female guest, 57 years old.

Koblenz state prosecutors said the guest slipped from his seat as The Hot Ride glided through a bend. This person fell from a height of 8 m and died.

According to the prosecutor, the glider has a maximum speed of 60 km/h and is 550 meters long.

At the highest point, the track is 17.5 m above ground level.

The glider is still closed, only to be reopened when authorities step in and confirm technical eligibility for operation.

Prosecutors said there were no signs of criminal behavior.

They continue to investigate to find the cause of this accident. Authorities urged witnesses to come forward.