WHO discovered more cough syrup containing poison
  • WHO discovered more cough syrup containing poison

(Alles Europa News English ) – WHO says countries need increased surveillance to find contaminated products.

In a new warning after a series of child cough syrups produced by various pharmacies in India and Indonesia that were poisoned last year.

The incident caused more than 300 children of Gambia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan ( mostly under 5 years of age ) dead due to acute kidney injury.

Both DEG and EG are a by-products of the production of siro from propylene glycol.

Typically, pharmacies need to refine propylene glycol to eliminate all toxicity if they are used in cough medicines.

International standards allow EG and DEG in the drug after refining to not exceed 0.1%, equivalent to 0.1 g per 100 ml of siro.

The components are of similar nature. But while propylene glycol is non-toxic, DEG and EG are extremely harmful.

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