The breakthroughs in cancer treatment

Three breakthroughs in cancer treatment
  • Three breakthroughs in cancer treatment

(Alles Europa News English ) – To date, most research has been done on animals.

However, experts have begun phase one of the trial, using approved drugs such as beta blockers, Inhibiting the release of nervous system chemicals.

According to Borniger, the potential future methods are electrifying the nervous system, adding “good signals”, repelling “bad signals”.

Radiotherapy is only for a few seconds, the doctor can see the tumor with the naked eye, “manipulating” the nervous system to fight the tumor, are expected to make tremendous progress in cancer treatment.

“What if radiation therapy could be done in seconds, instead of weekly as before?

What if the surgeons actually saw the tumor with the naked eye?

What kind of tumor will the future have to treat and find out?”, Dr. Robert Vonderheide, president of the American Cancer Research Association, questioning during the annual meeting with the participation of more than 6,500 scientists, on April 23.

Three years of pandemic does not falter scientists in the research and development of cancer treatments.

In particular, super-metra radiation, tumor staining during surgery and nervous system adjustment to combat cancer are thought to be three groundbreaking methods.

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