Foods that support immune system enhancement

Supplementing foods such as seaweed, brown algae and agaricus mushrooms will help increase resistance and support the fight against cancer risks.

The main immune system is the “fortress” that protects the body from attacks by harmful agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, since the parasite can enters inside the body , affecting cells and causing disease.

Therefore, keeping a healthy immune system can plays an important role in your health, especially for cancer patients.

Numerous studies show that the immune system contributes to inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, that prevent the spread of cancer and metastases to other organs of the body.

Here are the foods that help boost the immune system for the sick.

Brown wakame

According to scientists, wakame is a low calorie and nutrient-rich food such as iodine, magnesium, folate, calcium, manganese and vitamins A, C, E and K, iron, copper, phosphorus and fucoidan.

With these nourishment, wakame has been shown to support healthy immune systems, antioxidant and prevent growth, proliferation of cancer cells.

One study found that the mekabu fucoidan content in wakame brownweed contributes to cancer cell suppression, activate the apoptosis process and prevent them from metastasizing to another organ.

In addition, this nourishment also inhibits the growth of breast, lung, prostate and liver cancer cells.

Brown mozuku algae

The mozuku brown algae in Okinawa ( Japan ) is considered a nutritious food and offers a lot of benefits to humans.

According to scientists, this algae contains a high content of fucoidan polysaccharides and a lot of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

In particular, fucoidan polysaccharides are nourishing agents that have anti-cancer, antiviral, anticoagulant, antioxidant, anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory effects.

According to a study examining the anti-inflammatory effect of fucoidan related to the quality of life in patients with terminal cancer.

Results showed that pre-inflammatory cytokines in the human body were significantly reduced after two weeks of taking fucoidan.

Brown algae mekabu

Similar to wakame seaweed and mozuku algae, mekabu brown algae is a healthy, nutritious, low-calorie food. The main nutrients contained in this type of seaweed are fucoidan and algin acid.

Many studies show that, The fucoidan content in mekabu algae has the ability to strengthen the immune system against viruses and inhibit breast, lung, cancer cell growth, Prostate and liver.

Besides, they also activate the cells inside the hair, helping the hair stay strong and beautiful.

Fucus brown algae

Fucus algae are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In traditional medicine, this algae is often used to support healthy intestinal tract, thanks to its high fiber content.

According to scientists, fucus algae has high levels of alginic acid and fucoidan. Both of these compounds have been shown to have health-promoting properties and promote cancer cell suicide.

A study of fucoidan content in fucus brown algae found that they could assist in inhibiting HBV virus replication, which is the main agent of cirrhosis, liver cancer.

Agaricus mushrooms

Agaricus mushrooms have the ability to boost the immune system.

Several studies show that polysaccharide molecules of this fungus can assist in regulating the body’s immune response and protect against disease.

In addition, they also contribute to combating tumor growth and act as an antioxidant.

Therefore, agaricus mushrooms are used to treat allergic rhinitis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other conditions.

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