“The evil cop” face is gradually revealed.

Police collected 300 boxes of evidence, including a large amount of documents, and summoned hundreds of people involved in the trial. Cao's true face, known as the "evil cop", is gradually revealed.

Police collected 300 boxes of evidence, including a large amount of documents, and summoned hundreds of people involved in the trial. Cao’s true face, known as the “evil cop”, is gradually revealed.

(Alles Europa News English) – Cao was born in 1970 in Fujian province and moved to Hong Kong with his mother in 1978. Cao joined the police force in 1993.

Thanks to his excellent performance in physical fitness and shooting, he received a graduation certificate from the Hong Kong Police Academy, served in airports, mobile teams.

Called “marksmanship”, the work results are good but Cao’s relationship with his colleagues is not harmonious. He often quarrels with his boss, does not like to interact with colleagues.

In 2000, Cao applied for promotion to sheriff. Of the more than 2,000 applicants, he scored 68 — the highest score among male police officers.

Cao was confident he would be promoted, but his superiors twice refused to recommend Cao for interviews because of personality issues.

In 2003, Cao continued to fail when he tried to join the airport’s task force. In 2005, he applied for a job at a remote Disney park and was approved.

Nine of Cao’s colleagues at Disneyland described him as fun, hardworking, and athletic. Cao is also a good husband and father in the eyes of his neighbors.

However, in court, Cao’s close friend, former police officer Li Yi, revealed that Cao had been regularly looking for prostitutes in Shenzhen and Hong Kong since 1999, sometimes once a week.

Cao also gambles with huge amounts of money. In 2004, he bet HKD 75,000 on a football match and won HKD 210,000.

An associate professor of social sciences at the City University of Hong Kong suggested that Cao, like many criminals, did not know how to face failure, choosing the illicit path to achieve goals such as money, prestige or recognition.

An FBI crime expert believes Cao’s behavior fits most definitions of Schizoaffective disorder personality.

An expert from Queensland University of Technology said Cao’s personality profile matched that of a serial killer who believed he was destined to change the world, try to rise above mediocrity and play God by taking his life.

On April 25, 2007, the jury unanimously convicted Cao of murdering three victims in three cases, and that Teng Quoc Hang’s act of returning fire was legal.

Xu’s case became the subject of many works such as the film Mad Detective (2007), the tv series A Great Way to Care (2009), The Men of Justice (2010), and the documentary Anatomy of a Crime: HK’s Rogue Cop (2011).

A good shooter, Xu was dissatisfied with his job and ambushed, murdered colleagues and committed many other crimes, from 2001 to 2006.

At 1 a.m. on March 17, 2006, police officers Tsang Kwok-hang and Sin Ka-keung were ambushed by a gunman while patrolling the pedestrian tunnel between Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwun Chung.

Cuong saw him hiding in the north staircase of the tunnel and was trying to reach him. When he was discovered, he hit Cuong’s head and left leg and hit Hang’s head.

The two officers immediately responded. Cuong missed two shots, and Hang knocked out the gunman with 5 shots to the head and upper body.

Hang put his gun in his holster and called for reinforcements before collapsing from his injuries. After the gunfight, Hang died, and Cuong survived.

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