Prime Minister Liz Truss’s phone was reportedly hacked by Russia

Prime Minister Liz Truss's phone was reportedly hacked by Russia

A British newspaper claims that the personal smartphone of former Prime Minister Liz Truss was hacked “by agents suspected of working for the Kremlin”.

The hack was discovered this summer when Liz Truss was foreign minister and campaigning to become Conservative Party leader and prime minister, the newspaper said.

With a claimed that “details had been removed” by then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Simon Case, his most senior political adviser.

“Emergency investigation”

“We need an independent emergency investigation to find out the truth,” said Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran.

The report of the incident comes as Interior Minister Suella Braverman was reappointed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak following her resignation due to a security breach.

She allegedly sent a top-secret document to a member of parliament via her personal email.

The article did not specify on what basis Russia was suspected of being behind the alleged attack, but relied on a source who said:

“It takes some time to find out who is behind these kinds of attacks, but Russia tends to be at the top of the list.”

British opposition lawmakers on Saturday called for an investigation after alleged Kremlin agents hacked into Liz Truss’s mobile phone when she was foreign secretary, according to a British newspaper.

“The Mail on Sunday” quoted anonymous security sources as saying that former Prime Minister Liz Truss’s personal smartphone had been hacked “by agents suspected of working for the Kremlin.”

They are suspected of having had access to “top-secret exchanges with international partners”.

A government spokesperson said, “We do not comment on individuals’ security features,” but added that there are “robust systems in place to protect against cyber threats.”

‘Very sensitive discussions’

“It is essential that all these security issues are investigated and dealt with at the highest level,” said opposition Labour MP Yvette Cooper.

A source told the newspaper that the “compromised” phone was placed within a locked safe in a secure government location after messages were hacked for up to a year, including “very sensitive discussions” about the war in Ukraine.


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