Frank Bold and Greenpeace criticize the Turów mine agreement

On 3 February this year, the prime ministers of the Czech Republic and Poland signed an agreement on dealing with the impact of mining in the Turów mine.
  • Energy ceases

The Independent Energy ceases supplying electricity and gas. According to ERO spokesman Michal Kebort, the company had 144 supply points, of which 95 were on electricity.

The company Česká energetická a plynárenská ended its energy supply.

The reason for this is the end of the partner company Manta Commodities SE, which ensured deviations in deliveries. According to OTE, the company had 1254 supply points.

Conte spol. s.r.o. stopped supplying electricity. According to OTE data, 1308 supply points will end up in DPI mode.

Bohemia Energy, the largest group of alternative energy suppliers in the Czech Republic, announces that it will cease operations.

The group with approximately 900,000 supply points has decided to terminate the business and supply of electricity and gas to customers of Bohemia Energy, Comfort Energy, Energie ČS, Europe Easy Energy and X Energie.

Customers of companies have been transferred to so-called suppliers of last resort (DPI), they pay significantly higher prices for energy.

The end of electricity and gas supplies is announced by other alternative suppliers – Hummingbird Energy with 28,000 clients and A-PLUS Energie with 150 supply points.

Bohemia Energy owner Jiří Písařík announces that the group will also cease the activities of energy supplier Amper Market in 2022. According to data from the Electricity Market Operator (OTE), the company, which was the only one to survive the October end of the group, supplies electricity to about 8500 customers.

Ray Energy announces the end of electricity and gas supplies.

According to OTE data, the company supplies power to nearly 3,000 customers.

Microenergy announces the end of electricity and gas supplies, OTE said on its website.

According to his data, the company supplies energy to more than 760 customers. According to the website of Hospodářské noviny, the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) is among them.

According to OTE, energy supplies have ended with energy supply to Energy for You, which supplies gas to 336 customers.

According to OTE, the company Czech Energy Supplier ceased its activities.

According to his data, the company supplies electricity to 4283 customers and gas to 2933 customers, so it is more than 7000 customers.

According to OTE, the energy supplier Františkovy energie has ceased its activities.

According to his data, the company supplies electricity to 2635 customers and gas to 2350 customers, so it is almost 5000 customers.

According to OTE, Svinos has ceased its energy supply. According to ERO data, the company supplied gas to 21 customers.

The Czech Energy, which operates in the Liberec and Hradec Králové regions, Central Bohemia and Prague, announces that it is ending gas supplies.

According to OTE, the company delivered gas to 112 customers in November, their number decreasing over the course of last year.

Lumius from Frýdek-Místek announces that it will stop supplying electricity and gas to customers. It has approximately 1500 subscribers.

Gas and electricity supplier První Moravská Plynární announces the termination of its activities. He justified the decision by the unprecedented and confusing situation on the energy market.

The website drew attention to the termination of its activities, according to which the company had 267 clients in January this year.

Energo LaR from Rychnov nad Kněžnou ended its electricity supply. According to OTE data, the company supplied electricity to 549 supply points.