Prague Summit – Europe’s most powerful people at the Castle

Prague Summit - Europe's most powerful people at the Castle: Fiala was on edge! Some leaders were seeing each other for the first time

Prague Summit – Europe’s most powerful people at the Castle: Fiala was on edge! Some leaders were seeing each other for the first time

Many leaders saw each other for the first time, but all of them addressed each other by their first names, as Deputy Of the Office of the Government Štěpán Černý told journalist.

This is also the practice in the European Council.

At the summit, however, there is another meaning. Not all countries recognize Kosovo as a sovereign state, so the prime ministers of Slovakia or Spain, for example, could not address the country’s president, Vjosa Osmani, with her title.

For the same reason, leaders don’t even have flags on their desks in front of them — just their own names.

An event that the Czech Republic does not remember. Even so, there is talk of a summit that began yesterday at Prague Castle.

It was attended by 45 leaders from all over Europe. Security and the war in Ukraine, as well as the energy crisis, were addressed.

Everything essential began at the Castle yesterday at noon. It was here that guests from all over Europe began to gather.

And in the first courtyard they were greeted by Prime Minister Petr Fiala (58, ODS), who reveled in smiles and sometimes even joked.

The fact that there are many important guests in Prague was also proved by the fact that only the welcome of everyone took about an hour and a quarter.

A very cordial meeting with Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger (46), who Fiala praised for being able to greet him with a Czech “hello”.

Thursday’s meeting is the first within the framework of the new platform of the European Political Community – this is to serve as an opportunity for informal meetings of statesmen without protocols and bureaucracy.

“The topics we will address are clear – peace and stability in Europe, migration, energy is at the forefront. Our aim, of course, is to bring peace and prosperity back to Europe.

I am looking forward to the negotiations and discussions and I believe that this is a great day for Europe,” Fiala said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, 44, who refuses to leave Kiev during the Russian-instigated war, also joined the summit via telebridge.

His country was represented on the spot by Prime Minister Denys Šmyhal (46). It was the Ukrainians, together with the Czech side, who were reportedly torn apart during bilateral negotiations.

Truth Wins

Fiala also spoke about Ukraine during his opening speech.

According to him, the announcement of referendums on annexation in the occupied territories was a dishonest ruse that cannot be taken seriously, and he referred to the motto of the Czech presidential flag: Truth prevails.

“We understand that it is difficult to face evil, but we also understand that truth prevails.

It may take time, but we all know in our hearts that Ukraine will win because the truth is on its side,” Fiala added.

In addition to the meeting itself, an informal dinner was prepared for guests yesterday.

The event will continue at the Castle today, when the Meeting of the European Council – i.e. the members of the Union – will take place.

Only the Danes were missing

The invitation to the Prague Summit was accepted by all guests except Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (44).

She apologized because of the tense internal political situation in the kingdom.

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