Real Madrid narrowly overcame Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1 in the 3rd leg of group F Champions League this morning to match City

Real Madrid narrowly overcame Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1 in the 3rd leg of group F Champions League this morning to match City, Bayern maintain their winning record from the beginning of the season.

After the fall to Osasuna, Real seemed to want to devour Shakhtar. They immediately created the opening scoring chance in the 1st minute thanks to Karim Benzema’s shot – but the French striker’s striker missed the target.

But it took Real Madrid just 13 minutes to score the opening goal. Rodrygo shone with a kick from outside the penalty area that cleared the opposition guard.

Shakhtar’s defence looked more solid after conceding a goal.

The Ukrainian team’s aggressive play has worked quite well, causing Many times Madrid to struggle to get into the penalty area. Real Madrid had a golden chance in the 24th minute.

Benzema fired in the box in an unaccompanied position, but the ball was still ejected by Trubin.

Only on the ensuing ball, goalkeeper Shakhtar was unable to stand. Madrid doubled their lead to 2-0 thanks to Vinicius’ performance.

A fine combination between Valverde, Benzema and Rodrygo was completed by Vinicius with a beautiful one-touch finish that sent the ball into the corner of the net.

Until the time of the 2-0 loss, Shakhtar had not been able to launch a shot, while the hosts were more and more excited.

Real Madrid almost had the advantage in the 34th minute thanks to Benzema’s finish from close range. Still, Trubin bailed out ecstatically.

His efforts helped his teammates on the front line regain their spirits. In the 39th minute, Shakhtar scored the winning goal in the first goal.

Bogdan Mykhaylichenko’s cross was ended by Oleksandr Zubkov’s volley and Shakhtar got the goal to shorten the gap to 1-2.

Shakhtar gradually found a way to break madrid’s defence after the break of the deadlock. However, the visitors’ efforts were often thwarted by Lunin.

They took a 1-2 lead before halftime.

The first five minutes of the second half were explosive. Madrid and Shakhtar took turns attacking, but neither scored.

Most unfortunately, Valverde’s shot and Aurelien Tchouameni’s header were all blocked by Trubin.

Some of their further attacks were wasted due to poor finishing and Real almost paid the price in the 77th minute.

Fortunately for them, in a chaotic situation in the penalty area, no player of the Ukrainian team could take advantage of the success.

There were no more goals throughout the second half.

The score of 2-1 helped Real Madrid maintain the advantage until the end of the match and they reached 3 consecutive victories. Along with Man City, Bayern…

Real is the rare club to win the Champions League this season, the form of a conqueror.

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