Contrasting appearances of Messi and Mbappe

For the first time since playing for PSG, Lionel Messi scored in 4 consecutive matches. The Argentine star's impressive appearance contrasts with Mbappe's.

For the first time since playing for PSG, Lionel Messi scored in 4 consecutive matches. The Argentine star’s impressive appearance contrasts with Mbappe’s.

After the draw on Portuguese soil, PSG still hold the top of Group H.

They own the same 7 points as Benfica but are ranked above thanks to the sub-index.

Both will have a rematch in the next leg of the Champions League group stage at 2pm on October 12.

Against Benfica in the 3rd leg of Group H Champions League, PSG, despite having to be a guest, took the lead quite early.

The opener for the French visitors was Lionel Messi in the 22nd minute, with an impromptu and technical finish on the edge of the penalty area.

With this goal, “El Pulga” set a new record in the Champions League arena: Scoring against 40 different teams.

This goal also marked the first time since playing for PSG, Messi “fired” in 4 consecutive matches.

However, the advantage that the Argentine star created was not maintained by his teammates.

In the 41st minute, from 1 cross on the left flank, the hosts Benfica had an equaliser after a counter-goal by PSG defender Danilo Pereira.

In the 2nd half, the initiative on the field still belonged to the “rich guy” of France but the stars of the visitors did not successfully take advantage of the opportunities.

In particular, Kylian Mbappe is a player who causes great disappointment.

The French striker only had 1 shot on target in the whole match. Not only that, Mbappe also almost made PSG hug with 1 few careless passes, opening up attacking opportunities for the opponent.

Playing lackluster on the pitch, the 23-year-old striker was kept by coach Galtier for the rest of the game.

Meanwhile, the “hero” Messi with the opening goal was replaced in the 81st minute.

The French strategist’s personnel adjustment did not have any concrete effect, causing PSG to split the points 1-1 at Benfica.

Speaking after the match, coach Galtier explained that the reason for withdrawing Messi was because the player showed signs of weakness.

Therefore, he was forced to replace the 35-year-old striker to avoid injury.

Mr Galtier’s explanation still did not satisfy the French fans.

Many argue that Kylian Mbappe needs to be replaced because he has shown lackluster performances in the whole match against Benfica.

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