Czechia - Iceland 0:0. Advance draw, twenty-one heading to the EURO

Czechia – Iceland 0:0. Advance draw, twenty-one heading to the EURO

Nine group winners advanced directly to the final tournament, with Switzerland as the best team from the second place and automatically participating in a certain host country Georgia and Romania.

The other four participants are from the barrage. The composition of the groups of the final tournament will be determined by the draw in Bucharest on October 18.

Parade! The Czech football team celebrates promotion to the EURO, which is hosted by Romania and Georgia next year.

The “Lion Cubs” in the rematch of the barrage drew in České Budějovice with Iceland 0: 0, which is after a 2: 1 win on the ground of the opponent progressive score.

An important save in the set-up was pulled out by goalkeeper Matěj Kovář, the youngsters qualified for the second European Championship in a row and ninth overall in their independent history.

The first half offered the only serious opportunity.

In the 21st minute, Gabriel centered into the lime on Sejk, whose swift shot ended up next to him. The guests did not threaten the goalkeeper Kovář at all for the entire opening act.

The first time this happened was in the 56th minute, when Baldursson’s shot from the edge of the box was knocked out by Kovář above.

Then Thorhallsson narrowly missed from behind the sixteen. On the opposite side, Worm’s long-range attempt was pulled out by goalkeeper Valdimarsson.

Then the opponent made himself known again, but Óskarsson headed over from close range and Thordarson’s shot from the turn was knocked out by Kovář. In the 83rd minute, Valdimarsson dealt with the Worm Cannon after a corner kick.

In the opening minute of the set-up, Kovář performed the intervention of the match, who reflexively stopped Fridriksson’s shot from close range from a volley. The same Iceland player was then sent off for an elbow strike in the fifth minute of the set-up.

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