Sejk after progressing to the EURO: We have better team quality than in the whole of Europe

Sejk after progressing to the EURO: We have better team quality than in the whole of Europe

Didn’t nervousness hold you back? The last step is always the hardest.” The nervousness subsided a bit thanks to what we played in the first match in Iceland.

We knew what awaited us in the rematch, that Iceland had quality. But we also knew we weren’t getting goals at the back and we had great players there.

We’re just a team.”

“You could have scored a goal yourself, even midfielder Lukáš Červ had a tutovka. Were you not afraid that you would regret the missed chances in the end?”

If we had scored a goal, we certainly could have regretted it. But we didn’t get it and advanced. I don’t put it in my head that I might have regretted it. We’re just at the EURO and that’s it.”

Even a goalless lunghta can trigger endless euphoria. The Czech twenty-one also knows about it, which in total with a 2: 1 away win advanced through Iceland to the European Championship.

“It’s the most I’ve done so far,” said striker Václav Sejk, who helped the Lions in qualifying with four hits. He saved one for the prologue of the barrage in Iceland, it was a qualifying goal. In České Budějovice, a 0-0 draw was enough.

You are among the sixteen best teams in Europe. How does that sound to you?” It’s hard to describe. Immediately after the whistle, I got down on my knees.

It was the most thing that had happened to me so far. I’m touched. I guess I won’t realize it until the next day after the game. We will celebrate it nicely in the Czech Republic. We’re at the EURO!”

Was it a hard-earned procedure? The 0-0 draw in the rematch was a happy one.”

I have already said several times that Iceland has a huge quality at the top and in Budejovice it confirmed it again. All ten players had great individual quality.

But we have a team quality greater than in the whole of Europe.”

Were they big nerves?” Huge. I’d love not to go off the pitch, but I already had cramps in both calves. I didn’t want to weaken the team so that there would be one less of us on set, so I asked for a substitution.

But on the bench, I lived like there were twelve of us on the pitch. Or with the whole bench twenty-three.”

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