McIlroy hopes for peace between PGA Tour and LIV Golf

McIlroy hopes for peace between PGA Tour and LIV Golf

And while he expects world points for LIV Golf players, McIlroy noted that litigants need to follow the general rules on OWGR.

“It’s not like you want to. You have to meet the first set of criteria,” said the golfer, who currently serves as chairman of the Policy Advisory Council for PGA Tour members.

LIV Golf has been filing since July 7, and the OWGR Board of Trustees is reviewing it, which is expected to take two years to make a decision.

Former world number one Rory McIlroy, the two opposing arenas should have a truce for the common good of the professional golf world.

McIlroy has repeatedly expressed loyalty to the PGA Tour, from the time LIV Golf grew to the run of the Invitational Series.

But on September 28, he suddenly said on Golf Channel: “I think the leaders of the two sides and the people involved should be less hot, control their emotions and sit together to find a way to end the conflict.”

On the same day, McIlroy’s boss — PGA Tour Envoy Jay Monahan — again insisted on ESPN that his side could not coexist with the Invitational Series.

Monahan made a similar point last week.

McIlroy said no one benefits when the professional golf world is divided by the battle between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Northern Ireland players think there will be a place and time to heal, and the current situation is not suitable for that direction. “I think the two disputes are complicating the situation,” McIlroy said.

He wants to talk about LIV Golf and some PGA Tour individuals violating antitrust laws in Northern California courts, while others are granted the right by sports courts in the UK to attend until at least February 2023 on dp World Tour – the allied arena of the PGA Tour.

According to the US court schedule, the PGA Tour will hold its first session on January 8, 2024.

With his colleagues deserting to the Invitational Series, McIlroy still wants them, when they return to their new arena, to be scored on the world golf rankings (OWGR).

Currently, all players managed by LIV Golf have gradually dropped due to not being recognized on the system.

“I want good players to be ranked in the world. Dustin Johnson is coming out of the top 100.

This momentum doesn’t accurately reflect his level,” McIlroy said, echoing the U.S. golfer who won two majors in 24 cups on the PGA Tour and 135 weeks accumulated at the top of the OWGR, 29 weeks longer than McIlroy.

In the history of this table, Johnson ranks third in terms of time in office, right behind Greg Norman – founder and current CEO of LIV Golf (331 weeks), while the record of 683 weeks belongs to Tiger Woods.