Regularly eating with friends makes it difficult to control your weight.

Regularly eating with friends makes it difficult to control your weight.

Regularly eating out with friends or ordering food out because of fear of cooking also makes it difficult to manage weight.

Research has shown that you tend to consume more when eating with other people.

When you eat while talking, you will focus less on food, it will be difficult to control the amount of food consumed, and the brain will not receive signals of satiety because of distraction.

Ready-to-sell dishes, even if advertised as delicious as home rice, do not guarantee ingredients, how to prepare, it is difficult to calculate the standard calorie intake.

To preserve your waist measurements, you should prepare your own food and limit the number of times you eat with friends during the week.

Eating with large bowls, plates or eating to relieve emotions easily makes you eat more than you really need, causing rapid weight gain.

Eat with large bowls and plates

Using large plates and bowls makes you feel like you eat less.

Research has shown that the size of the bowl or plate affects how you feel you have eaten more or less.

Large bowls and plates make the amount of food look smaller, making you feel that you have eaten less, not full enough.

On the contrary, using small bowls and plates makes the amount of food look more, making it easy to feel full, limiting overeating compared to real needs.

In addition, research also proves that the color of bowls and plates affects the amount of food consumed.

Brightly colored bowls and plates such as red, orange, and yellow stimulate appetite while dark colors such as blue, green or brown make you less likely to have an appetite, so eat less.

Eat while eating or watching TV while eating

Watching TV while eating or walking while eating makes you gain weight.

The reason is that distraction when eating makes you tend to eat more than usual.

Eating while doing other things also increases stress hormones, affects the digestive process, promotes the accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen.

Eat to relieve stress

Eating to relieve stress will cost waist measurements.

Many people choose to eat to relieve stress.

The reason is that hormones that help you feel comfortable and satisfied are often released more after meals.

However, if you abuse this method to relieve stress, you will get back a fat belly and many health problems.

When stressed, tired, you tend to crave foods containing a lot of sugar and starch.

Many people have a habit of eating cake or ice cream whenever they are sad to balance their emotions.

In the long run, this habit causes you to gain weight out of control.

You should relieve stress in healthier ways such as listening to music, doing yoga, meditating, or talking to others.

Constant snacking

People who work in offices or stressful jobs often crave snacks.

Even if you eat little during the main meal, pamper yourself with snacks with high sugar and calories such as fried spring rolls, french fries, teas, milk teas … will cause waist measurements to skyrocket.

If you cannot give up the habit of snacking, you should choose low-calorie, low-sugar, healthy foods such as yogurt, nuts, fresh fruits with less sweet …

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