Anti-aging habits from the inside out.

Anti-aging habit

Anti-aging habits from the inside out.

Actively exercising and playing sports helps protect both physical and mental health, so that the body is more beautiful.

Limiting foods and drinks containing a lot of sugar and grease helps protect the immune system, preserve collagen structure, thereby maintaining skin elasticity, limiting wrinkles, keeping skin glowing.

Eat in moderation

A healthy diet consists of a full range of nutrient groups with scientific doses and proportions.

To fight aging, you should eat more vegetables and grains that contain a lot of fiber.

Sweets are one of the agents that accelerate the aging rate of the body, so it should be limited.

The older you get, the slower the metabolism in the body.

When eating too much sugar, excess sugar combines with proteins, amino acids … produces a glycation reaction, causing dull skin, large pores, sagging, loss of elasticity.

Besides sweets, greasy dishes also need to be controlled because they increase the inflammation of the body, affect hormones, stimulate oil secretion, so the skin is prone to pimples, pores are less smooth.

A diet rich in fiber from vegetables and fruits brings many benefits to health and physique.

Skin care

UV rays are one of the factors that cause skin to age rapidly.

Therefore, forming the habit of applying sunscreen and shielding the skin early will help young skin look beautiful for a long time.

Besides protecting your skin from the sun, you should also add antioxidant ingredients to your skin care cycle such as vitamin C – which has the ability to strengthen the skin’s immune system, limiting the damage from free radicals.

You don’t necessarily have to apply a fussy skincare routine, but make sure to have enough basic steps including cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection, to create the best conditions for the skin to regenerate itself.


Exercise, physical activity help speed up the body’s metabolism, thanks to which the glycation process is also relieved.

In addition, when moving, blood circulation is circulated, helping the skin receive more nutrients and enhancing elimination through the excretion of sweat.

To create a workout routine, choose your favorite sport (running, yoga, zumba, swimming …) and make it part of your lifestyle, helping to protect your health and appearance.

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