According to dermatologists, it's up to your weather conditions, activity level, and skin condition to decide how often to take a shower.
  • According to dermatologists, it’s up to your weather conditions, activity level, and skin condition to decide how often to take a shower.

In summer, it is hot, you are active a lot and sweat a lot, it is recommended to take a daily shower to clean up sweat and dirt.

In autumn and winter, it is cold, the level of movement is low, you can take a shower every other day.

Washing your hair daily is also not recommended because it will make hair dry, weak, and brittle.

The ideal time to wash your hair is one day way with short hair and two days way with long hair.

You may not shower your whole body daily, but you need to clean your armpits, feet, and intimate area.

3 parts to prioritize cleaning even without bathing

  • Armpits

You should not wash your hair daily but need to clean the armpit area every day.

The skin under the arms needs to be cleaned daily because this is the part that sweats a lot. Clean and use deodorant rollers to help prevent unpleasant odors, limit inflammation.

  • Intimate area

The intimate area needs to be cleaned daily to remove bacteria, avoid bacterial infections. After cleaning, you need to keep the intimate area dry, airy.

  • Feet

Washing your feet well before going to bed improves the quality of sleep.

Even if you wear shoes, socks regularly, your feet are not stained with dirt, you still need to clean your feet before going to bed. Clean feet help prevent unpleasant odors.

Not to mention, soaking your feet in warm water in the evening also helps to sleep better.

A lot of bathing is not good

Daily bathing is not necessarily necessary if you do not exercise too much, the weather is cool, and there is little sweating.

Most people have a daily bathing habit to keep their bodies clean and fragrant.

However, according to health experts, regular bathing can cause dry skin, especially for those who have the habit of taking hot baths or using bath soap.

Bathing too often causes the skin to lose its natural oils and good bacteria that help reduce inflammation, maintain a smooth skin texture.

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