'Poison' - the relationship between husband and wife

‘Poison’ – the relationship between husband and wife

Many young couples often complain when they do not immediately see the desired results.

And speeding up can do more harm than good to relationships. Patience plays an important role in a relationship.

If you behave in a controlled way, disrespect your partner, like to teach criticism of your partner… will damage the conjugal relationship.

Habits of making decisions for both of you

Sometimes it’s really great to have someone solve all your problems and allow you not to worry about anything, but that’s not always a sign of love.

If your partner always makes decisions for you and doesn’t take your opinions into account, you should ask yourself if the person really cares about you or if they just feel the need to stay dominant.

Desire to control everything

Some people are planners. They feel calm and safe when they have a plan and when everything goes according to their plan.

However, if your partner exhibits controlling behavior and their need to control everything makes you lose your temper and feel insecure, it’s worth discussing with both of you.

Disrespect for the other person

Mutual respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If one party asks the other person to take out the trash, the other person will agree because he wants to keep the relationship harmonious.

However, if a relationship has unresolved issues, chances are that one party’s request will be ignored and the other party will ignore it.

Financial dependence

Financial dependence in relationships is quite common and can lead to many other problems in life. Initially, the two did not pay much attention to the differences because they focused more on emotions.

But once the burning in love passes, one of you may start to feel uncomfortable.

This is why you should date and get married when you are both self-sufficient, have the same financial level, and share the same interests.

The relationship can suffer and even end if there is a big difference between the education level, financial status and interests of the two people.

Habits of teaching and criticism

We are used to being criticized because we receive criticism at home, in college, and at work.

That’s why criticism is something you often don’t want to hear from your partner, with whom you want to be comfortable with. If your partner criticizes you a lot, create a topic for discussion and explain that you want to hear something other than criticism.

Holding grudges

If your partner can’t forget something that happened last year and reminds you of your failures several times a day, you should sit down and talk to him or her about it.

The habit of sneaking checks behind the other half’s back

Long-term relationships are built on a foundation of mutual respect and a relationship cannot exist without this fundamental aspect. You don’t have to dramatize a situation or cause gratuitous jealousy.

If you have any doubts, just talk to your partner about how you’re feeling.

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