How to eat pig hearts, animal organs safely

How to eat pig hearts, animal organs safely

Liver is a kind of organ coat containing a lot of protein, a lot of vitamin A and iron, which is good for children with anemia and malnutrition.

Eating liver is rated as good, not toxic.

It is necessary to select the liver of those animals that are not sick.

Accordingly, observe the liver bright dark red color, there are no nodules on the face of the liver.

When buying thin slices washed with cold water and then soaked with tissue paper to dry all the stagnant blood in the liver.

This eliminates toxins contained in the blood of the liver, leaving only nutrient-rich liver cells.

Nutritionists advise people with metabolic disorders to limit their intake of high-fat organ coatings, especially very high cholesterol.

Animal organs include brain, heart, liver, kidneys (oval), stomach, intestines …

Normally, Asians people often eat hearts, livers, stomach ovals of pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, few eat hearts, livers of cattle.

According to doctors of the National Institute of Nutrition, most organ coatings contain a lot of protein, fat, heart types, liver contain a lot of iron and vitamin A.

However, organ coatings contain a lot of fat, especially the very high cholesterol content is in the brain, liver and oval.

Heart, liver, oval work to provide iron to fight anemia, iron deficiency, very good for children and pregnant women as well as women of childbearing age.

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