If the kidneys are weak, is 'sex' weak?

If the kidneys are weak, is ‘sex’ weak?

In fact, there are many supplements that support the kidney organs.

However, according to experts, it should only be used when prescribed and monitored by a doctor because there have been many cases of arbitrary use but not responding to the drug without knowing it, causing unnecessary cost.

Kidneys are closely related to physiology, so if the kidneys have problems, their physiological abilities are affected.

In our body the kidneys are one of the most important organs, carrying the most functions such as filtering and excreting toxins from the body, excreting urine …

However, for men, the adrenal glands also have the function of secreting hormones to regulate the male genitals.

Therefore, when the kidney organs are weakened, sexual desire in men is also reduced, sperm storage function is affected, the amount of semen released is also less.

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