First robotic kidney cancer treatment surgery

First robotic kidney cancer treatment surgery

Patient X was operated on with generation Xi Davinxi Robot.

Just 24 hours after the operation, Ms. X. was able to sit up, no pain, good contact.

After 2 days, the patient is active again

Deputy Director of the hospital, shared that robotic surgery for patients is performed to ensure the principle of oncology, complete damage removal, maximum lymph node dredging, preserving all surrounding healing organizations.

With this approach, patients can reduce pain after surgery, recover quickly, return to daily activities much faster than normal open surgery, patients recovering after 3-5 days can be discharged from the hospital.

The two surgeries were successful – marking a turning point in kidney cancer surgery.

These are the first 2 cases in K Hospital to undergo new generation robotic kidney tumor surgery, and also one of the very few kidney cancer cases to apply this modern method.

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