How dangerous is facial paralysis?

Treatment of facial paralysis

Experts said that patients are treated according to traditional medicine with massage and acupressure methods.

The advantage of acupressure massage is to determine exactly which muscle group has a problem and focus treatment on it will have very good results.

The acupressure massage method is effective for the disease, but provided that the doctor must examine carefully, determine exactly which muscle groups are weak, which muscles are paralyzed and how weak and paralyzed that muscle is, thereby giving appropriate procedures for each muscle and muscle group.

The physician needs sensitivity in manipulation to feel the hardness, softness, elasticity of each muscle, feel the change of weakened muscle over the days of treatment.

Treatment of nerve palsy VII is the whole process.

The process requires the meticulousness, care and flexibility of the physician based on the background formula of acupressure massage that is performed depending on the level of recovery of each muscle, each muscle group, not just facial paralysis is massage or acupuncture of the whole half of the patient’s face.

Acupressure massage procedures are performed with the focus of each muscle, muscle group, muscle area to be affected.

In fact, depending on the situation of each muscle on the patient’s face (determined by examination) but focuses a lot on muscles, weak muscle areas, paralysis and recovery.

Doctors usually massage acupressure on the paralyzed side for about 20-30 minutes, 1-2 times a day.

Experts noted that before performing treatment, patients need to be examined, beaten first and treated with focus.

The order of priority for the recovery of incomplete spots on the patient’s face depends on the severity of the severity, such as primary closed eyes or predominant mouth distortion.

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