How dangerous is facial paralysis?


Sudden onset of the disease. After waking up at night, hemiplegia appears within 24-48 hours.

In an asymmetrical state of facial stillness, the facial muscles are pulled to the side, wrinkles in the forehead area, nasal boundaries of the eye cheeks, misaligned nucleus, distorted mouth.

In the dynamic state, the patient sees that the eyes are not closed, the eyeballs move upwards.

With facial paralysis, the patient cannot do it or has difficulty performing movements: wrinkled forehead, frowned, wrinkled teeth, purred lips, puffed cheeks, played flute,…

In addition, some people may have tinnitus, lateral tearing paralysis.

Facial paralysis as opposed to central facial paralysis is damage associated with the brain.

The facial nerve has a complex path from the central nervous system through the temples and ear glands to the muscles in the facial region.

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