How dangerous is facial paralysis?

How dangerous is facial paralysis?

The doctor stated the cause and how to prevent facial paralysis.

Meticulously performed acupressure massage helps to adjust to every detail and create the most perfect recovery possible.

However, to achieve the effectiveness of treatment, patients need to follow the doctor’s instructions, do not arbitrarily exercise or treat other methods that affect recovery progress and health.

University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy – Campus 3 said that facial paralysis is not a rare disease, caused by peripheral NERVE VII paralysis.

Peripheral VII nerve palsy for many reasons, of which cold is the majority, besides other causes such as infection, trauma, surgery.

This condition occurs most often after waking up, if the patient sees paralysis of half of the face should not be too panicked.

The disease can be cured thanks to acupressure massage that impacts the muscles, the muscle group of the face, contributing to the improvement and restoration of facial muscles.

However, patients should not treat on their own, but should follow the doctor’s instructions.

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