Twitter shakes after ex-employee's accusations

Twitter shakes after ex-employee’s accusations

Twitter executives have repeatedly publicly denied the allegations in order to limit the storm that is emerging in the company.

CEO Agrawal earlier this week sent an internal notice to employees, dismissing Zatko’s allegations and seeking to reassure subordinates.

The situation was also repeatedly mentioned during last week’s company-wide meeting.

CEO Agrawal claimed Zatko’s “misinformation” challenged the company’s integrity, while general counsel Sean Edgett was in contact with regulators and regulators around the world.

Twitter on Aug. 25 said it would consolidate teams to prevent malicious content and manage spam and bots to improve transparency.

A spokesperson for the platform did not respond to the media’s question about whether the move was related to Zatko’s allegations.

Twitter came under scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers, while its stock price plunged following the shocking revelations of former security chief Peiter Zatko.

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