Nordic officials criticize Norway for being selfish

Nordic officials criticize Norway for being selfish

Norway sells about 1/5 of its total electricity generation to neighboring countries, transmitted via cables to the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Norwegian Minister of Energy and Oil Andreas Bjelland Eriksen confirmed that Oslo is considering a mechanism to limit hydropower activity, which will lead to a reduction in electricity exports, as the water level of reservoirs drops very low.

Any mechanisms implemented will be in line with Norway’s obligations to Europe, he said.

Ruusunen said Norway was making “a lot of money” after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He warned Norway reducing electricity exports would help “populist, nationalist voices divide the market and ultimately no one wins”.

Norway has overtaken Russia to become the eu’s largest gas supplier, after Moscow cut supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by 80%.

The country is looking to present itself as a reliable alternative energy supplier.

“If they reduce electricity exports, Norway’s reputation will suffer. Trust is one of the fundamental factors,” Ruusunen stressed.

Nordic electricity officials said Norway’s plans to reduce electricity exports were “dangerous and selfish”, risking russia gaining an advantage.

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