Series 'Lord of the Rings' received many compliments

Series ‘Lord of the Rings’ received many compliments

Before that, Peter Jackson’s three-movie series The Lord of the Rings resonated, being one of the most famous film franchises in the world.

Three films have won 17 Oscars out of 30 nominations.

The film also won big at the box office, grossing more than three billion DOLLARS.

The early episodes of “The Rings of Power” – the prequel series “Lord of the Rings” – were praised by many international critics.

Season one, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which cost $465 million to produce, will air online Sept. 2.

According to Variety, some critics were invited to preview the first two episodes and make comments on social media.

In particular, the majority of opinions praised the quality of the series.

Brandon Katz of The Wrap wrote: “The first two episodes of The Rings of Power were incredible.

Scale, ambition and grandeur are almost unmatched in television.

The early episodes have an important task in building the world so that the content of the film soars.”

Rodrigo Salem of Folha compared the series to movie blockbusters of the same genre.

“In a perfect world, we would have the opportunity to enjoy the film on the big screen.

It’s tolkien and feels connected to Peter Jackson’s films.

The cinematography and action are amazing! The series prologue removes any negative stereotypes you have about the film.”

Entertainment Weekly’s Devan Coggan said the two episodes made him feel like he was returning to the magical middle-earth land created by Tolkien and Peter Jackson.

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