How Russia bypassed Ukrainian intelligence in the Kiev campaign

How Russia bypassed Ukrainian intelligence in the Kiev campaign

In order to deceive Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian military did not conduct a large-scale general mobilization at all. As a result, Ukrainian intelligence agents did not obtain any information.

The sudden action of 100,000 Russian troops, completely caught the Ukrainian Army in Kiev by surprise. For the first time in the conflict, the Russian Army directly landed by air at Antonov airport.

On the third day of the conflict, Russian mechanized forces were present in the city.

Having said that, the campaign planning ability of the chief of staff of the Russian Army Gerasimov is indeed sharp.

Even if the Russian Army later withdrew from Kiev, it was mainly due to problems in the implementation process and especially the logistical assurance of the Russian Army, not due to a misguided deployment strategy.

The Russian military transported troops like gods and the response of General Oleksandr Silsky, commander of the Kiev defense forces of the Ukrainian Army, was also “not medium”.

When the Russians suddenly flooded in the direction of Kiev, there were only 2 brigades of Ukrainian troops defending.

In order to cope and turn the tide, General Sirsky immediately deployed lecturers and cadets from different military schools, the same number of troops in the training centers of the Ukrainian Army (although the training period has not been completed) and retired veterans in the city of Kiev, to form temporary combat units.

At the same time, the arsenal was opened immediately, to bring heavy weapons stored in soviet times, to deploy in the battlefields outside Kiev.