Should I drink coffee with gout?

Should I drink coffee with gout?

When using 5 or more cups of coffee, the amount of chlorogenic acid affects the liver, provoking the onset of fat accumulation by cells.

When too much caffeine is consumed in coffee, it can lead to heart palpitations, blood pressure also increases and is accompanied by the appearance of many other phenomena such as: impatience, impatience, tinnitus, insecurity and trembling limbs.

Whether people with gout should drink coffee is a concern for many people.

Gout (also known as leprosy) – a common type of arthritis – is caused by disorders of nutrient metabolism in the body.

The disease occurs due to increased production of endogenous uric acid, decreased elimination of uric acid in the kidneys, or by eating too many foods containing many purines such as red meats and seafood.

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