Appearance of ‘lime-white patches’ in the throat

Appearance of 'lime-white patches' in the throat, adults are surprised to have a child's disease

Appearance of ‘lime-white patches’ in the throat, adults are surprised to have a child’s disease

Patients with tonsillitis need clean hygiene, fresh living environment.

At times of respiratory diseases, the season focuses more on disease prevention.

If you have diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, dental diseases,… then it is recommended to treat the disease thoroughly.

Sore throat, high fever many people confuse with influenza A or common pharyngitis that few people think they have tonsillitis.

went to the hospital for examination because of sore throat, fever as high as 40 degrees C.

Initially, she thought that she had influenza A, so she bought antiretroviral drugs for influenza to drink, but the condition did not decrease, sore throat spread to the whole sinus area.

Looking in the mirror, she saw that in the throat appeared white patches like lime, swollen neck nodes.

The doctor said she had acute tonsillitis, purulent tonsils. Mrs. Hellen was startled because she thought the disease was only in young children.

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