What to see after Real Madrid's win over Espanyol

What to see after Real Madrid’s win over Espanyol

This season, young striker Rodrygo was unable to play in the first 2 matches for Real Madrid due to injury.

Therefore, he could only return for the match against Espanyol.

Still, the young Brazilian star’s last-minute explosive habit is still there.

Rodrygo’s cross for Benzema to score in the 88th minute was perfect, to help the Royals untangle the knot and secure the final victory afterwards.

Recently, coach Ancelotti has revealed that he will not need to buy any more strikers.

Clearly, Rodrygo was the one who created peace of mind for the Italian teacher.

At a time when Marco Asensio is demanding his departure, Eden Hazard is still playing, it is Rodrygo who will ensure the depth of Real Madrid’s attack, to help them reduce the load on the duo of Benzema and Vinicius.

Once again, Karim Benzema played the hero to help Real Madrid to a 3-1 aggregate win over Espanyol.

Benzema and Vinicius remain Real Madrid’s source of life

On Espanyol’s home trip, Vinicius put Real Madrid ahead in the 12th minute.

It’s a situation where the Brazilian star runs like a no-man’s-man in the middle of the opposing defense, then neatly ends a pass from a teammate.

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