Types of vegetables to help repel hemorrhoids, constipation

5 types of vegetables to help repel hemorrhoids, constipation

5 types of vegetables to help repel hemorrhoids, constipation

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, can absorb a large amount of water in the intestines, promote gastrointestinal motility, clean waste in the intestines, collect toxins and waste, excrete it outside the body.

In addition, there is a very good laxative effect, often used for the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids.

Starch and cellulose in sweet potatoes can irritate the intestines, absorb a lot of water, promote the softening of food, enhance intestinal motility, thereby having a laxative effect.

Many people are shy to treat hemorrhoids, some are too busy with work to spend time on treatment, making the disease more serious.

Here are root vegetables that help reverse hemorrhoids and constipation.

Lettuce is both a green herb, many people like to make salads to cool down, which can be eaten fresh or dried.

Many people often pick this vegetable to dry and drink tea, which has the effect of purifying, detoxifying, swelling, treating sores, diuretic … and this vegetable boiled for soaking also helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids.


Dandelion is very suitable for use for toxic heat diseases, which have a very good heat-clearing effect, treat some red hot flashes, painful swelling caused by hot liver, infectious or purulent wounds.

Drinking dandelion water every day can reduce unpleasant sensations such as bleeding, swelling of hemorrhoids…

This completely natural green food has no side effects and can be taken for a long time.


Figs have a sweet taste, rich in fiber, so they have a calming effect and treat symptoms of constipation very effectively, eating figs has many effects on hemorrhoids, laxatives, loss of appetite, indigestion.

Spinach (spinach)

Spinach is rich in fiber, can lubricate the intestines and is an essential food for the treatment of constipation.

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