Skin-damaging chemicals hidden in fake hair dyes

Skin-damaging chemicals hidden in fake hair dyes

To avoid the risk of health damage, doctors advise users to choose reputable brands of hair dyes, with natural ingredients.

The interval between two stainings is at least once every 6 months.

Older people have weak resistance and are prone to chronic diseases, which should be taken into account when using.

Before dyeing, try the dye by dabbing a little on the skin behind the ear and then leaving it for about two days, if the body does not react, the dye does not cause allergies.

When dyeing, it is imperative to use gloves, avoiding the drug from getting on the hair roots.

In addition, you should steam oil, use shampoos with moisturizing ingredients for the skin and hair, protect the sun by wearing dark hats, cover your hair when going to the sun.

Diet and activities need to be reasonable to maintain healthy shiny hair.

After a week of self-dyeing her hair at home with an unknown dye, the 32-year-old woman’s scalp swelled red, yellow discharge and hair loss.

The doctor examined and diagnosed the patient with contact dermatitis, superinfection, suspected hair dye.

The doctor prescribes antibiotics, oral anti-inflammatory drugs so that the scalp dries, heals and stops exfoliating.

Another female patient, 73 years old, after dyeing her hair suffered a full-body rash, a rash that appeared to spread from her head, face down to her torso, and her scalp was burning, feeling like a needle.

She thinks the reason is poor health due to age, not going to the doctor.