In danger of self-treating of fever at home

In danger of self-treating of fever at home

Many people who present with fever and fatigue often transmit water at home or use medical services at home without strict control of medical staff.

Experts stressed that this is very dangerous.

Firstly, when self-administering fluids at home, patients may experience anaphylactic shock to the infusion when it is not well controlled.

Secondly, not every patient is required to take an infusion and be eligible for infusion.

In addition, arbitrarily transmitting water at home if anaphylactic shock occurs, it will be difficult to provide emergency care in time.

Thirdly, in the conditions of infusion at home, medical equipment such as antiseptic, cotton bandage, alcohol … not guaranteed, prone to the occurrence of infection.

In particular, dengue fever has periods when infusions can and cannot be given.

On the first day, the infusion can be given, and in the periods when the patient is in a state of drainage or increased vascular permeability, uncontrolled infusion is easy to lead to pleural effusion, pleura … causing respiratory failure, circulatory failure, central invisibility, making the disease worse.

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